“Never judge things by their appearance..even carpetbags, I’m sure I never do.” – Mary Poppins

“Never judge things by their appearance..even carpetbags, I’m sure I never do.” – Mary Poppins


I went into great thought about what to write about first and the fact of the matter is this blog is new. It’s my new baby, new adventure and job. I will be exploring it all and not in order of age nor event so try and keep up because we will move fast!

Lets fly up up and away!

But first lets expect the unexpected! (Or expected!)

You have a baby on the way! Congratulations to the new parents out there! Hats off to the current parents still holding on by a thread! You are expecting and going through a huge life change and with all the doctor appointments, and bed rest you have to find time to do it all and on top of it make a baby registry! I have noticed that most moms-to-be start making their baby registry checklist when they’re about 12 weeks along. That may seem early, but building a baby registry can take some time and effort and people don’t realize infant care tends to call for a fair amount of supplies. (Stuff they have never even thought about nor known about). But wait because I am here to help! After attending more than 8 baby showers I have an idea of what you need as I have seen them in many households over the years! Below are a list of products you shouldn’t leave out on that registry! (Note – They are not in order of relevance)

1. A car seat! You NEED a car seat to bring your new miracle home in and whats the best one? Personally, I believe you should be looking for a 3 in 1. Any car seat that can transition into 3 stages is worth every penny because if you think about it, it will save you time and money down the line when you need a new one. The baby grows fast and when he or she does, the car seat will need to adapt. You will need a rear facing car seat (5 lbs to 40 lbs), forward facing car seat (22 lbs to 65 lbs) and lastly a booster which holds 40 lbs to 100 lbs. But this one has it all! Didn’t think that much through did you? This is a great product to put on your registry as it tends to be a bit pricey and if your like most parents out there, you will want to get more than 2. This makes things much easier when the grandparents take over or nannies! From your first ride together coming home from the hospital to everyday soccer day car pools, the 3-in-1 Grow and Go Car Seat will give your child a safer and more comfortable ride for years to come!

Car Seat Link

2. A stroller! May seem easy and self explanatory but did you think about storage and where his or her future toys will go? Your groceries? Your daily coffee cup? I did! I went ahead and featured two strollers in which I highly suggest! If you already have one don’t forget to include the stroller organizer, it works wonders! Takes all that strain off your back and makes your stroller your new backpack on wheels! It will fit just about anything and everything from diapers, toys, bottles, your coffee, iPad books etc!

Stroller Link

Double Stroller Link

Stroller Organizer

3. A crib! Your baby will sleep sometimes! Once again I am set for the idea and thought about saving some dollars here going for the convertible crib! Yes, you didn’t think you could have a baby and convertible in the same year did you? Think again! Your child will grow up so fast and right before your eyes will need a new and bigger bed, again and again. This crib takes care of everything and gives the child a smooth transition considering it’s not going to be a change, it’s ideally the same bed!

Crib Link

4. Swaddles and Sleep Sacks! Time to get comfortable with a 3 in 1 swaddle. I personally love the Halo swaddles, not only are they soft and light but they are get for sleep training in the future! Your child will need a swaddle and sleep with their arms close to their body, one arm in one arm out and even hands to face at some point. The sleep sack swaddle will fit a newborn (6 -12 lbs) and small (13-18 lbs). Sleep sacks are also great for alittle bigger kids, the small will fit (10-18 lbs), medium (16-24 lbs), large (22-28 lbs), and XL (26-36 lbs.

Swaddle Link

5. Nail Clippers! Not just your ordinary nail clippers! These are fantastic for children! I personally am always terrified of cutting a child’s nails but these put my mind at ease. Especially when cutting a newborns nails, your risking cutting their nail too deep and worse case scenario, their skin. These nail clippers have a peek hole in which you can see exactly what your clipping! Great investment!

Nail Clipper Link

6. Safety products! Your child, or children will grow up so fast and without a doubt you shouldn’t question how smart they are going to be! Those safety gates and locks will not last long as they will be commited to opening everything they aren’t allowed to. I personally like these products, the first one is the cabinet magnets (they aren’t ideal to most families as I believe it’s one of the safest ones out there). The second product is what I call the “string locks” (very popular with families) but keep in mind with a few minutes the child can play around with them and see how they unlock.

Magnetic Cabinet Safety Link

Cabinet Safety Link

7. Diapers! When it doubt ALWAYS ask for diapers! You will use WAY more than expected! BUT don’t just ask for newborn sizes, once again keep in mind your child will grow and will need a bigger size sooner than you thought. For your shower ask for all sizes! I personally like Pampers however any brand is amazing! If interested, you can actually put on your registry a diaper subscription which saves you money (or the buyer) and an extra discount if you have an Amazon prime account (which I mean who doesn’t have one?!) The diaper subscription comes once a month and you can update the sizes before delivery!

Diaper Subscription Link

8. Breast pump! Of course only if you plan on breast feeding! Here is what I found most mommies use and love! You’ll realize the saying, “every drop counts” so find one you’ll fall in love with and help you provide for your little one! Keep in mind some insurances have special deals with breast pumps! Contact your insurance company for questions! I suggested two, one manual and one electric.

Manual Breast Pump Link

Electric Breast Pump Link

9. Diaper Genie! That nasty smell of diapers contained and confined in a trash can?! Sign me up! To avoid the standard diaper genie and the fancy blue diaper genie pail trash bags that cost a fortune, check out this genie and use regular glad trash bags! Saves you a ton because you better believe you will be changing out this genie at least every 2-3 days!

Diaper Genie Link

10. Baby carrier! Can’t avoid having one, trust me they are a game changer! For some, it’s a second crib! This carrier is super comfortable for both the adult and the baby and score its another 4-1 product! Use it for a facing in front narrow seat, facing in front wide seat for when the child gets bigger, facing out seat and a back carrying seat! Plus it includes a clever wonder cover 2 in 1 bib to protect your carrier and clothes, what more can you ask for?!

Baby Carrier Link

11. Bottle warmer! A must! The Dr. Brown Deluxe Baby Bottle Warmer is really convenient because its designed to accommodate all Dr. Brown bottles as well as most other baby brands!
However, you can totally get away with this if you aren’t looking to buy a warmer. One alternative that I have seen and used with families is making more use of that K Cup coffee machine! Believe it or not, it will save you time and money. In minutes it’s hot and ready to go. All you do is fill up the water container (as if you were going to brew some coffee) make sure there is no k cup in the machine already, close it up and hit the medium coffee button. This will filter it to only produce hot water. Place an empty mug under and make sure to only fill the mug halfway as you will need room to place in the bottle. Once it’s done place the milk in for a minute and done! Remember to test the bottle temperature before feeding the baby!

Baby Warmer Link

12. Baby monitor! I absolutely love this product! For many reasons but the main one is the camera can move from the monitor controller! I would constantly find myself in a household that the monitor controller doesn’t move and for whatever reason the camera in the set room would move and I wouldn’t notice until the child is asleep and I am outside the room. There is no way I would risk walking back into the room when an infant or child is sleeping and risk waking them up just to adjust the camera. This one is definitely thought out and better yet its expandable so go crazy and get one for the siblings room, playroom or living room. Lastly, one the of the features I admire is it notifies you of the set temperature in the room so you can be at ease knowing the child is comfortable and safe.

Baby Monitor Link

These of course are just a few items I would make sure make the cut of your list!

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