“There’s the whole world at your feet.” – Mary Poppins

“There’s the whole world at your feet.” – Mary Poppins


I am overwhelmed by the positive responses in the past few days in regards to my blog! I can’t wait to see where this goes and so happy to have you along for the ride! There has been a lot of questions regarding my so called “business” and how I got started and its honestly a story I love to tell. (In fact it’s how I sell myself!)

I started on Care.com after High School, in the fall of 2012 I made a profile and been on it since! I absolutely love the site and I definitely have some pointers for the nannies out there looking for work and even parents in regards to what to look for when reviewing the applications!


First thing first, nannies start your profile! You will need a photo, motor vehicles check (I highly recommend, it’s 19 dollars and you will only need to purchase it once), and a short introduction of yourself that’s it! I personally got started with about 3-5 pictures of myself and only myself. My motor vechiles check is always on file and my introduction is what stands out from all the other profiles (at least that’s what all the families tell me.)

My bio is simple, informative and catchy. Want a peek?! Here it is!

Hello there! My name is Nicole Patteson and I am your Mary Poppins! I am currently a nanny through Care.com and I absolutely love what I do. I have my Associates in English Literature and a background in Medical Assisting and Child Development. Just to share alittle bit about me – I had a year of preschool teaching experience after graduating, I loved my position there however with a change of management and salary I seeked elsewhere and went back to what my heart desired (nannying.) Currently I am available to work any weekday days, weekends, date nights, or overnights with notice!
I was born and raised in Orange County and graduated from El Toro High School, I have reliable transportation for myself as well as the children. Planning out activities, running the errands and enjoying children’s company is what I look most forward to. I have an extensive background in nannying as well and if you need references I will be happy to send them over! I hope to find another great family to be with through Care.com and hope its with you!
I hope to speak with you soon regarding this position,
My cell phone number and email is below for your convience. As always, if not me, I hope you find who you are looking for! Best of luck to you and your family!

Nicole Patteson (Cell phone number & Email address)

-TB test up to date
-CPR/First Aid/AED certified
-Clear background and clean driving record
-Orange County based

Simple as that! It goes into my background, experience and what I can provide in a position (the rest your profile takes care of.) What you have to consider (at least I do) is reviews on your site as well as the families you go and meet. The reviews are just like a yelp of your past families you have worked with. When nannying for a family short or long term I always ask them to write a review if they have a time to help me out so I build a reliable background status. Keep in mind not everyone can write a review of you, just the families who have hired you through care.com.


Once you apply for a position they have the option to replying back to you. Most families will ask for an interview right away to get the position filled as soon as possible. When meeting a family I highly recommend to meet at a nearby Starbucks or a juice shop that is halfway from the families house to yours. I do this for many reasons but the main one would be that the families are not required for a background check as the nannies are. (Strange right?) I find it a little weird that the nannies that come into your home and take care of your children need a full background check but the families do not. Who knows what I could be walking into! (I clearly watch too much lifetime.) But hey! You never know! So meeting at a Starbucks first ensures 1) They are real! 2) They are normal (Sort of). Of course after doing this I highly recommend a trail period (one day or night) when you come in for a few hours to ensure the family is a good fit for you. This way you are able to see how comfortable you are in their home, how the children are, and how the family likes things done. Sometimes right off the bat (more times than not) I realize that it’s not a good fit one hour into the job. You will know what I mean.

Whether your interviewing or running a trial run, be yourself! Always dress appropriately. Most people don’t think about it, but when nannying you do have to cover up a good amount! I do recommend always a blouse or shirt, try to stay away from tank tops and shorts (unless you live in Orange County and some days it’s just a necessity!) I personally do this to make the parents comfortable and the children. You never know when you will have a toddler play with you too rough and pull down your shirt too low. Believe me it’s happened! (Moms you know of this!) In general, dress appropriately and set a good example. My go to outfit is a simple pattern shirt from Stella and Dot, Hollister jeans and Steve Madden sandals. Seems to be working for me! Don’t wear something you absolutely love! You never know when you’ll use paint with kids or play in the dirt, things can get messy really quick!

Stella and Dot Shirt

Shop Stella & Dot with me personally at http://www.stellaanddot.com/sites/nicolepatteson

Hollister Jeans

Steve Madden Sandals

Parents! When looking at the applicants for the position, I strongly urge you to read into their bio, look at all their pictures and reviews and most of all set up a phone interview before a in person interview. A basic phone interview can tell you all that you need to know in all honestly. You can discuss the days you are seeking help, times you need, and hourly pay and see if that’s a good fit beyond what a normal day would look like. Once and a while I, myself will do a phone interview and find out that the days didn’t match the profile and that the family needed more or less than what I was looking for. Overall this saves everyone time.

Always ask for a resume, and a list of references (I recommend you at least verify two!) Ask as many questions as you want! This will make you feel more comfortable in the long run, the more you get to know your nanny the more you feel closer to them!

Check out the link below to review some basic nanny questions to go over when interviewing, feel free to use what stands out to you!

Questions for your Mary Poppins

Don’t forget to share the most important things with your nanny before leaving them with your child or children such as allergies, schedule, emergency phone numbers and most importantly what they like (whether its a blankie, stuffed animal or story to read before bed.) Some are life changing and can help a nanny in times of need! (AKA – when you leave the house for the first time!)

Regardless, it’s an adjustment period for everyone, but with patience and time, leaving the house (or working in the house) will be easy and fun!

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