“Up to the highest height.” -Mary Poppins

“Up to the highest height.” -Mary Poppins

Off we go! Summer break is coming to an end for most of us and the kiddos go back to school! (Can I get a hooray?!) But before you kick your feet up and make that margarita you were in need of, make sure you have your child or children ready for school! This means his or her schedule completed with all his or her after school activities, organizing pick up and drop offs, running out to the nearest Target for last minute school supplies and making sure they have enough snacks to get them through their week. (That’s just in a nutshell!) It can be overwhelming but keep your head up because rest assure you will finally get that time back to yourself! (Well at least for a few hours.)

There’s a ton to do before school and most of it lies in the hands of the parents, so props to you! First thing is first, completing their new school schedule. School maybe one place that they attend weekly but don’t forget to leave out their after school activities. Where will they go to art class this fall? Wait, is the tutor still coming Tuesdays? Maybe he will finally go to karate with John down the street. These are all the thoughts probably running through your mind and don’t forget you need someone to take them there if not you! Personally, I think this is the hardest part about starting a new school year because it’s just something you need to sit down and think over. What is best for your child? Are these activities going to be too overwhelming throughout the week? What about their siblings who can’t attend half of these because of their age difference? But wait, gymnastics is the same time as Susan’s dance lessons. It’s something that you need to really consider and don’t for a second forget to include the drive time! If school gets out at 12:32pm and ballet starts at 12:45pm it’s a stretch, and please don’t expect to be on time and arrive there safely. We all know picking up children from school is a practice of its own and getting out of that parking lot in a timely manner is flat out impossible. Consider ALL the consequences.


Personally when making your child’s school schedule make sure to include all the possibilities, this maybe another mom carpooling your child with their own to save gas and time. This could be taking turns with another parent on who takes who to activities. Meanwhile this could even be solved with a nanny solely for after school activities (in which case I find easiest). The nanny would be fully responsible for picking up the children and taking them to their activities after school, help with homework when they get home and perhaps starting dinner for everyone all before you get home. (This way you can still attend that boot camp or yoga class in the afternoon and not feel rushed to get home!) I see that college students seek this position more so than others because once they finish their morning classes they are seeking just a few hours of work in the afternoons. I personally love this adjustment with families because overall I see a difference in the parents attitude as well as the child’s, everyone is well rested and calm after a long day and once dinner hits the table, everyone is engaging and ready for quiet time.

Remember happy parents make better parents!

Once you figured out their school schedule, transportation, and got them all packed up for school it’s time to consider snacks and lunches. Personally, I find each family is different when it comes to this factor. I see some parents make their kids lunches the night before and top it off with a personalized I love you note, others will give the children money for lunch at school to save time and spend that time with their child in the evening, and some will have their children pack it themselves! Yes, I have seen a three year old pack his own lunch before and trust me that is a knee slapper. This is something most of us don’t want to do, and most of us flat out dread. I mean realistically it’s another meal we have to consider and make sure we actually bring it to school this time (not like the last 3 days I have been forgetting!) Here’s my tips and tricks when it comes to school snacks and lunches and you can thank me but it’s all Pinterest!


Here are just a few items to perhaps add on to your next shopping list!



I hope these help you and put you at ease! Packing snacks and lunches shouldn’t be dreadful and time consuming! You can even save time with the Krazy Coupon Ladys Tips!

Check it out! Krazy Coupon Lady – Tips

There you have it! School is now in session and now it’s margarita time! Check out my favorite bartenders Instagram for the latest drink recipes that will surely have you enjoy the peace and quiet!



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