“It’s Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!” – Mary Poppins

“It’s Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!” – Mary Poppins

I’m back! Nevertheless, I spent most of my week on the couch and will completely admit to watching Extreme Couponing back to back to Say Yes to the Dress.


Ever take a moment and sit down to watch that show? (I mean quite frankly who has time for tv when you have children anyway?) But the Extreme Couponing show really gets to me. When you sit and think about it, how in the world can someone pay only 18 dollars and get an insane amount of food, tolietries, and supplies for months on end using coupons?

When I started shopping at my local Ralph’s store, I felt as if I was being filmed on that show (literally). You could catch me smiling ear to ear as I walked out with a full cart saving so much money and yes, sometimes using coupons is “embarrassing” and yet time consuming but when shopping for my family I have it down to a T and I am ready to show you my tips and tricks for shopping bi weekly! (Yes! You read that correctly, bi weekly!) No more rushing to the store every 2-3 days, and no need to ask your significant other to stop at the store on their way home for that one ingredient you swore not to forget.

Be ready because it’s supercalifragilisticexpialidocious to say the least!

First thing is first! Make your list. When starting to shop bi weekly, this could take a couple tries first. You will need to be organized and precise because its a talent go to to the store 2-3 times a month!

Before going to the store (days beforehand) I will find myself making a list of recipes I would like to make or try for those two to three weeks and utilize the products I am buying. For example, if the chicken breast is on sale that week perhaps I will make chicken parmesan and chicken curry, that way no product is gone to waste because I have used the chicken to split it into two recipes. One thing that makes me cringe is throwing away a whole bunch of food from my fridge that has gone bad. It’s a complete waste so I find tricks to make sure that if I buy it, I use it.

I currently find most of my recipes through cookbooks at home, Pinterest, Keto cookbooks, and Keto connect but you can find them just about anywhere!

So that’s that. Make a list! I usually write down the whole recipe too (sometimes adding measurements to the list to be more exact on which bulk to buy) and go from there. For example :


Then I would go ahead and mark the number of products I need for the recipes for the week. Such as spinach, I will need two bags (One for one recipe and one for another.) That way when I go to the store, I don’t buy too much or too little.
I will repeat this for all my recipes. Referring to my personal shopping list above.

IMG_7311 (1).jpg

Next I will find the weekly ad. Ralph’s starts their ad on Wednesday so I will usually take a look the day it comes out and try my best to go before the weekend so I can prep my food and make some recipes before my busy weekends.

*Side Note* Along with food prep, I freeze some meals to save time and money later. If I overcook something or know my family won’t finish it I will save the meal, put it in a plastic freezer safe container, label it, freeze it and defrost weeks later.
With this said I then defrost my meal in the fridge overnight and in the morning transfer the meal in the glass container and warm up in instant pot for an hour. It’s tastes fresh, hot, and get this..no mess! Its super simple but something to get use to!

So now I have my recipe list, my store list, and my weekly ad, I will then accumulate all my coupons and get everything in order. Perhaps even place a star near a product on my list reminding myself I have a coupon for that item. Most of my coupons, believe it or not, I actually get from Ralph’s itself. (You will need Ralph’s Rewards for this – it’s free to sign up!) It’s fantastic. After months of shopping there, they took note of what I was buying with my Ralph’s card and sent me coupons for the products I already buy on a monthly basis! How wonderful is that! I get a small book in the mail that looks like the image below and use it to rack up more coupons, rewards and more! That alone will save me between 19-25 dollars a month just buying what I normally would’ve. Sometimes they even put in a [10-15 dollar off coupon with a purchase of 100 dollars or more, which is easy when you shop monthly!


I also will check the mail daily and look for the coupons between the stores weekly ads and cut away from there. Keeping everything organized and placing coupons in an envelope and sticking them all on the fridge door. Next, I will go through the Ralph’s app and save even more! Searching the coupons on their database will load them onto my Ralph’s card so when I scan my bar code it will automatically save! Think of a smart tool – comparing it to cartwheel at Target but not having the cashier having to scan it because its done automatically!


Lastly, I will look up any printable coupons online that are free. If you have a printer this is a score as well! Save at home by printing 4-5 coupons on a page and cutting them all for later. Check out this site to explore yourself!

Free Printable Coupons

Next, go shopping! Make sure you have your list, bags, coupons and anything else you might need and attack! I recommend you go alone to focus on your purchase but I know that’s impossible sometimes with the kiddos! But try your best to stay organized and stick to your list as best possible! You will be amazed at how much you saved!


*Another side note perk is that Ralphs gives you a discount at the Shell gas station! When shopping at that store using your alternate ID barcode you can rack up points to earn up to 10-20 cents off per gallon! Just scan your barcode at the Shell before pumping gas and save away! Sometimes on weekends they will even double your earnings for rewards! Always refer to the store ad!* (I mean who doesn’t want to save gas money!


When you put food away, try to organize them into products that need to be consumed earlier in the weeks or months. For example, certain produce items like bananas and spinach are more perishable and need to be eaten earlier in the month while items like apples, oranges, and celery can wait. Try to keep these perishable items in the front of the fridge as a reminder to use them quickly.
More experienced shoppers plan their meals so that perishable items are used in recipes earlier in the month, saving sturdier goods for meals later in the month.

Just by doing these steps you can save on average 200-300 dollars a month! It’s something worth trying! We may not be extreme couponers but we have to start somewhere!

“In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun and – SNAP, the job’s a game.” – Mary Poppins

“In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun and – SNAP, the job’s a game.” – Mary Poppins

Freedom has arrived! Kids are back in school (for the most part) you are finally getting a routine down and everything seems to be going smoothly (but keep in mind its only week one). Since my last post on scheduling, I received alot of questions on how to speed up a morning routine so here it is! I have some tips and tricks to help you get that routine down that even your children will engage in it and be of assistance! (Don’t laugh, it’s true!)

Getting children ready on time in the mornings is the perfect recipe for a adulting fail. I should know I have been there for most of them. There’s something about trying to get two or three little ones ready on time that makes parents nag and lose their patience. (Don’t deny it). I mean honestly, how many times have you lost patience with your children during the morning routine? Getting the kids ready on time without stress is no easy task for any parent or nanny. The minions tend to forget everything and the adults tend to remind them over and over again that later leads to nagging and frustration.

This year, have the kids officially be in charge of getting themselves ready! Check out these lovely printable checklists, trust me they will do all the work. As the morning goes on, have your children get involved and start doing things themselves. You will be shocked!


Stop morning traffic and the three cups of coffee before 9am! Simply add the list to the cart and download. Yes, it’s completely free!

Kids Routine Checklist

Or, if you want to customize your own, check out this site! Step by step you’ll make a checklist in no time!

DIY Morning Checklist

I find that the morning goes that much smoother with a list, go ahead and stick it anywhere in the house, as I recommend the front door so it’s noticeable to everyone! Honestly a small checklist can go along way and when your mind is spinning it just puts things in perspective.

Children always want to help you (whether its mixing a bowl or pushing a button on the laundry machine) so what better way of making them feel included than to make them feel important. Teaching them to be more independent is what we all want anyway right? So why not start now?

Don’t limit yourself to the morning, you can use a list for after school and a bedtime routine too! Make things easier for you throughout the whole day!


Need more help around the house too? Make yourself another list for your little one! (Can you tell I am alittle OCD yet?) Have them be of some assistance too! After all, they need to clean up after themselves in the classroom so why can’t they do that at home too?


“Up to the highest height.” -Mary Poppins

“Up to the highest height.” -Mary Poppins

Off we go! Summer break is coming to an end for most of us and the kiddos go back to school! (Can I get a hooray?!) But before you kick your feet up and make that margarita you were in need of, make sure you have your child or children ready for school! This means his or her schedule completed with all his or her after school activities, organizing pick up and drop offs, running out to the nearest Target for last minute school supplies and making sure they have enough snacks to get them through their week. (That’s just in a nutshell!) It can be overwhelming but keep your head up because rest assure you will finally get that time back to yourself! (Well at least for a few hours.)

There’s a ton to do before school and most of it lies in the hands of the parents, so props to you! First thing is first, completing their new school schedule. School maybe one place that they attend weekly but don’t forget to leave out their after school activities. Where will they go to art class this fall? Wait, is the tutor still coming Tuesdays? Maybe he will finally go to karate with John down the street. These are all the thoughts probably running through your mind and don’t forget you need someone to take them there if not you! Personally, I think this is the hardest part about starting a new school year because it’s just something you need to sit down and think over. What is best for your child? Are these activities going to be too overwhelming throughout the week? What about their siblings who can’t attend half of these because of their age difference? But wait, gymnastics is the same time as Susan’s dance lessons. It’s something that you need to really consider and don’t for a second forget to include the drive time! If school gets out at 12:32pm and ballet starts at 12:45pm it’s a stretch, and please don’t expect to be on time and arrive there safely. We all know picking up children from school is a practice of its own and getting out of that parking lot in a timely manner is flat out impossible. Consider ALL the consequences.


Personally when making your child’s school schedule make sure to include all the possibilities, this maybe another mom carpooling your child with their own to save gas and time. This could be taking turns with another parent on who takes who to activities. Meanwhile this could even be solved with a nanny solely for after school activities (in which case I find easiest). The nanny would be fully responsible for picking up the children and taking them to their activities after school, help with homework when they get home and perhaps starting dinner for everyone all before you get home. (This way you can still attend that boot camp or yoga class in the afternoon and not feel rushed to get home!) I see that college students seek this position more so than others because once they finish their morning classes they are seeking just a few hours of work in the afternoons. I personally love this adjustment with families because overall I see a difference in the parents attitude as well as the child’s, everyone is well rested and calm after a long day and once dinner hits the table, everyone is engaging and ready for quiet time.

Remember happy parents make better parents!

Once you figured out their school schedule, transportation, and got them all packed up for school it’s time to consider snacks and lunches. Personally, I find each family is different when it comes to this factor. I see some parents make their kids lunches the night before and top it off with a personalized I love you note, others will give the children money for lunch at school to save time and spend that time with their child in the evening, and some will have their children pack it themselves! Yes, I have seen a three year old pack his own lunch before and trust me that is a knee slapper. This is something most of us don’t want to do, and most of us flat out dread. I mean realistically it’s another meal we have to consider and make sure we actually bring it to school this time (not like the last 3 days I have been forgetting!) Here’s my tips and tricks when it comes to school snacks and lunches and you can thank me but it’s all Pinterest!


Here are just a few items to perhaps add on to your next shopping list!



I hope these help you and put you at ease! Packing snacks and lunches shouldn’t be dreadful and time consuming! You can even save time with the Krazy Coupon Ladys Tips!

Check it out! Krazy Coupon Lady – Tips

There you have it! School is now in session and now it’s margarita time! Check out my favorite bartenders Instagram for the latest drink recipes that will surely have you enjoy the peace and quiet!



“There’s the whole world at your feet.” – Mary Poppins

“There’s the whole world at your feet.” – Mary Poppins


I am overwhelmed by the positive responses in the past few days in regards to my blog! I can’t wait to see where this goes and so happy to have you along for the ride! There has been a lot of questions regarding my so called “business” and how I got started and its honestly a story I love to tell. (In fact it’s how I sell myself!)

I started on Care.com after High School, in the fall of 2012 I made a profile and been on it since! I absolutely love the site and I definitely have some pointers for the nannies out there looking for work and even parents in regards to what to look for when reviewing the applications!


First thing first, nannies start your profile! You will need a photo, motor vehicles check (I highly recommend, it’s 19 dollars and you will only need to purchase it once), and a short introduction of yourself that’s it! I personally got started with about 3-5 pictures of myself and only myself. My motor vechiles check is always on file and my introduction is what stands out from all the other profiles (at least that’s what all the families tell me.)

My bio is simple, informative and catchy. Want a peek?! Here it is!

Hello there! My name is Nicole Patteson and I am your Mary Poppins! I am currently a nanny through Care.com and I absolutely love what I do. I have my Associates in English Literature and a background in Medical Assisting and Child Development. Just to share alittle bit about me – I had a year of preschool teaching experience after graduating, I loved my position there however with a change of management and salary I seeked elsewhere and went back to what my heart desired (nannying.) Currently I am available to work any weekday days, weekends, date nights, or overnights with notice!
I was born and raised in Orange County and graduated from El Toro High School, I have reliable transportation for myself as well as the children. Planning out activities, running the errands and enjoying children’s company is what I look most forward to. I have an extensive background in nannying as well and if you need references I will be happy to send them over! I hope to find another great family to be with through Care.com and hope its with you!
I hope to speak with you soon regarding this position,
My cell phone number and email is below for your convience. As always, if not me, I hope you find who you are looking for! Best of luck to you and your family!

Nicole Patteson (Cell phone number & Email address)

-TB test up to date
-CPR/First Aid/AED certified
-Clear background and clean driving record
-Orange County based

Simple as that! It goes into my background, experience and what I can provide in a position (the rest your profile takes care of.) What you have to consider (at least I do) is reviews on your site as well as the families you go and meet. The reviews are just like a yelp of your past families you have worked with. When nannying for a family short or long term I always ask them to write a review if they have a time to help me out so I build a reliable background status. Keep in mind not everyone can write a review of you, just the families who have hired you through care.com.


Once you apply for a position they have the option to replying back to you. Most families will ask for an interview right away to get the position filled as soon as possible. When meeting a family I highly recommend to meet at a nearby Starbucks or a juice shop that is halfway from the families house to yours. I do this for many reasons but the main one would be that the families are not required for a background check as the nannies are. (Strange right?) I find it a little weird that the nannies that come into your home and take care of your children need a full background check but the families do not. Who knows what I could be walking into! (I clearly watch too much lifetime.) But hey! You never know! So meeting at a Starbucks first ensures 1) They are real! 2) They are normal (Sort of). Of course after doing this I highly recommend a trail period (one day or night) when you come in for a few hours to ensure the family is a good fit for you. This way you are able to see how comfortable you are in their home, how the children are, and how the family likes things done. Sometimes right off the bat (more times than not) I realize that it’s not a good fit one hour into the job. You will know what I mean.

Whether your interviewing or running a trial run, be yourself! Always dress appropriately. Most people don’t think about it, but when nannying you do have to cover up a good amount! I do recommend always a blouse or shirt, try to stay away from tank tops and shorts (unless you live in Orange County and some days it’s just a necessity!) I personally do this to make the parents comfortable and the children. You never know when you will have a toddler play with you too rough and pull down your shirt too low. Believe me it’s happened! (Moms you know of this!) In general, dress appropriately and set a good example. My go to outfit is a simple pattern shirt from Stella and Dot, Hollister jeans and Steve Madden sandals. Seems to be working for me! Don’t wear something you absolutely love! You never know when you’ll use paint with kids or play in the dirt, things can get messy really quick!

Stella and Dot Shirt

Shop Stella & Dot with me personally at http://www.stellaanddot.com/sites/nicolepatteson

Hollister Jeans

Steve Madden Sandals

Parents! When looking at the applicants for the position, I strongly urge you to read into their bio, look at all their pictures and reviews and most of all set up a phone interview before a in person interview. A basic phone interview can tell you all that you need to know in all honestly. You can discuss the days you are seeking help, times you need, and hourly pay and see if that’s a good fit beyond what a normal day would look like. Once and a while I, myself will do a phone interview and find out that the days didn’t match the profile and that the family needed more or less than what I was looking for. Overall this saves everyone time.

Always ask for a resume, and a list of references (I recommend you at least verify two!) Ask as many questions as you want! This will make you feel more comfortable in the long run, the more you get to know your nanny the more you feel closer to them!

Check out the link below to review some basic nanny questions to go over when interviewing, feel free to use what stands out to you!

Questions for your Mary Poppins

Don’t forget to share the most important things with your nanny before leaving them with your child or children such as allergies, schedule, emergency phone numbers and most importantly what they like (whether its a blankie, stuffed animal or story to read before bed.) Some are life changing and can help a nanny in times of need! (AKA – when you leave the house for the first time!)

Regardless, it’s an adjustment period for everyone, but with patience and time, leaving the house (or working in the house) will be easy and fun!

“Practically perfect in every way.” – Mary Poppins

“Practically perfect in every way.” – Mary Poppins

Truth is, that is my nickname, Mary Poppins they call me. The nanny of Orange County. I go by all names, the fact is they pay me and they can call me whatever they like (Laundry Fairy, Aunt Nicole, Cinderella but Mary Poppins seems to fit me the most. The reasoning is my huge Kate Spade bag. I tend bring it on all my jobs and since then the name has just stuck.

Proudly I can say that I have helped over nineteen families in the past four years. I wish sometimes that I was over exaggerating but nope, I definitely counted and kept track over the years. Part time, full time, date nights, weekends, overnights, summertime, school break, you name it I’ve done it. All within my bubble of Orange County I know it all and I believe it’s time to share not only my secrets when it comes to taking care of children but what I have personally experienced and how I can relate to just about any guardian out there.

And yes I can relate! I range from early mornings before the sun gets up and late nights way beyond sunset. I basically have no life beyond those children and yet sometimes I prefer it that way. I might have missed out on some career path but I completely think that I was meant to do this (at least for the time being). It may seem sad yet I am totally okay with it because those children are basically brothers and sisters. They mean the ABSOLUTE world to me and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This isn’t a so called little black book on all the families I have helped (or is it?) No its an outlook on what nannying is like and from the perspective most don’t think about. I mean really think about it, the parents, guardians, relatives go about their day and leave me with their most precious person on the planet and yet some don’t even look back. But what happens when they leave? What happens when they return?

Going into detail about tips, tricks, and hacks, lets get started! Grab your umbrella because here we go!




“Never judge things by their appearance..even carpetbags, I’m sure I never do.” – Mary Poppins

“Never judge things by their appearance..even carpetbags, I’m sure I never do.” – Mary Poppins


I went into great thought about what to write about first and the fact of the matter is this blog is new. It’s my new baby, new adventure and job. I will be exploring it all and not in order of age nor event so try and keep up because we will move fast!

Lets fly up up and away!

But first lets expect the unexpected! (Or expected!)

You have a baby on the way! Congratulations to the new parents out there! Hats off to the current parents still holding on by a thread! You are expecting and going through a huge life change and with all the doctor appointments, and bed rest you have to find time to do it all and on top of it make a baby registry! I have noticed that most moms-to-be start making their baby registry checklist when they’re about 12 weeks along. That may seem early, but building a baby registry can take some time and effort and people don’t realize infant care tends to call for a fair amount of supplies. (Stuff they have never even thought about nor known about). But wait because I am here to help! After attending more than 8 baby showers I have an idea of what you need as I have seen them in many households over the years! Below are a list of products you shouldn’t leave out on that registry! (Note – They are not in order of relevance)

1. A car seat! You NEED a car seat to bring your new miracle home in and whats the best one? Personally, I believe you should be looking for a 3 in 1. Any car seat that can transition into 3 stages is worth every penny because if you think about it, it will save you time and money down the line when you need a new one. The baby grows fast and when he or she does, the car seat will need to adapt. You will need a rear facing car seat (5 lbs to 40 lbs), forward facing car seat (22 lbs to 65 lbs) and lastly a booster which holds 40 lbs to 100 lbs. But this one has it all! Didn’t think that much through did you? This is a great product to put on your registry as it tends to be a bit pricey and if your like most parents out there, you will want to get more than 2. This makes things much easier when the grandparents take over or nannies! From your first ride together coming home from the hospital to everyday soccer day car pools, the 3-in-1 Grow and Go Car Seat will give your child a safer and more comfortable ride for years to come!

Car Seat Link

2. A stroller! May seem easy and self explanatory but did you think about storage and where his or her future toys will go? Your groceries? Your daily coffee cup? I did! I went ahead and featured two strollers in which I highly suggest! If you already have one don’t forget to include the stroller organizer, it works wonders! Takes all that strain off your back and makes your stroller your new backpack on wheels! It will fit just about anything and everything from diapers, toys, bottles, your coffee, iPad books etc!

Stroller Link

Double Stroller Link

Stroller Organizer

3. A crib! Your baby will sleep sometimes! Once again I am set for the idea and thought about saving some dollars here going for the convertible crib! Yes, you didn’t think you could have a baby and convertible in the same year did you? Think again! Your child will grow up so fast and right before your eyes will need a new and bigger bed, again and again. This crib takes care of everything and gives the child a smooth transition considering it’s not going to be a change, it’s ideally the same bed!

Crib Link

4. Swaddles and Sleep Sacks! Time to get comfortable with a 3 in 1 swaddle. I personally love the Halo swaddles, not only are they soft and light but they are get for sleep training in the future! Your child will need a swaddle and sleep with their arms close to their body, one arm in one arm out and even hands to face at some point. The sleep sack swaddle will fit a newborn (6 -12 lbs) and small (13-18 lbs). Sleep sacks are also great for alittle bigger kids, the small will fit (10-18 lbs), medium (16-24 lbs), large (22-28 lbs), and XL (26-36 lbs.

Swaddle Link

5. Nail Clippers! Not just your ordinary nail clippers! These are fantastic for children! I personally am always terrified of cutting a child’s nails but these put my mind at ease. Especially when cutting a newborns nails, your risking cutting their nail too deep and worse case scenario, their skin. These nail clippers have a peek hole in which you can see exactly what your clipping! Great investment!

Nail Clipper Link

6. Safety products! Your child, or children will grow up so fast and without a doubt you shouldn’t question how smart they are going to be! Those safety gates and locks will not last long as they will be commited to opening everything they aren’t allowed to. I personally like these products, the first one is the cabinet magnets (they aren’t ideal to most families as I believe it’s one of the safest ones out there). The second product is what I call the “string locks” (very popular with families) but keep in mind with a few minutes the child can play around with them and see how they unlock.

Magnetic Cabinet Safety Link

Cabinet Safety Link

7. Diapers! When it doubt ALWAYS ask for diapers! You will use WAY more than expected! BUT don’t just ask for newborn sizes, once again keep in mind your child will grow and will need a bigger size sooner than you thought. For your shower ask for all sizes! I personally like Pampers however any brand is amazing! If interested, you can actually put on your registry a diaper subscription which saves you money (or the buyer) and an extra discount if you have an Amazon prime account (which I mean who doesn’t have one?!) The diaper subscription comes once a month and you can update the sizes before delivery!

Diaper Subscription Link

8. Breast pump! Of course only if you plan on breast feeding! Here is what I found most mommies use and love! You’ll realize the saying, “every drop counts” so find one you’ll fall in love with and help you provide for your little one! Keep in mind some insurances have special deals with breast pumps! Contact your insurance company for questions! I suggested two, one manual and one electric.

Manual Breast Pump Link

Electric Breast Pump Link

9. Diaper Genie! That nasty smell of diapers contained and confined in a trash can?! Sign me up! To avoid the standard diaper genie and the fancy blue diaper genie pail trash bags that cost a fortune, check out this genie and use regular glad trash bags! Saves you a ton because you better believe you will be changing out this genie at least every 2-3 days!

Diaper Genie Link

10. Baby carrier! Can’t avoid having one, trust me they are a game changer! For some, it’s a second crib! This carrier is super comfortable for both the adult and the baby and score its another 4-1 product! Use it for a facing in front narrow seat, facing in front wide seat for when the child gets bigger, facing out seat and a back carrying seat! Plus it includes a clever wonder cover 2 in 1 bib to protect your carrier and clothes, what more can you ask for?!

Baby Carrier Link

11. Bottle warmer! A must! The Dr. Brown Deluxe Baby Bottle Warmer is really convenient because its designed to accommodate all Dr. Brown bottles as well as most other baby brands!
However, you can totally get away with this if you aren’t looking to buy a warmer. One alternative that I have seen and used with families is making more use of that K Cup coffee machine! Believe it or not, it will save you time and money. In minutes it’s hot and ready to go. All you do is fill up the water container (as if you were going to brew some coffee) make sure there is no k cup in the machine already, close it up and hit the medium coffee button. This will filter it to only produce hot water. Place an empty mug under and make sure to only fill the mug halfway as you will need room to place in the bottle. Once it’s done place the milk in for a minute and done! Remember to test the bottle temperature before feeding the baby!

Baby Warmer Link

12. Baby monitor! I absolutely love this product! For many reasons but the main one is the camera can move from the monitor controller! I would constantly find myself in a household that the monitor controller doesn’t move and for whatever reason the camera in the set room would move and I wouldn’t notice until the child is asleep and I am outside the room. There is no way I would risk walking back into the room when an infant or child is sleeping and risk waking them up just to adjust the camera. This one is definitely thought out and better yet its expandable so go crazy and get one for the siblings room, playroom or living room. Lastly, one the of the features I admire is it notifies you of the set temperature in the room so you can be at ease knowing the child is comfortable and safe.

Baby Monitor Link

These of course are just a few items I would make sure make the cut of your list!